Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic Free Packaging by IGBressan


Start judging a product
by its packaging

Ours packaging doesn't use plastic

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The IGB Plastic Free Packaging is
the natural evolution of your business

Plastic waste is a real concern for the planet

The American Chemistry Council and the National Association for PET Container Resources have estimated that we produce more than 35 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. The research published on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's website presents an alarming picture
To avoid environmental and climatic catastrophes, it would be better for all companies that produce goods to change their production focusing on "green products and methodologies". 

Long before other companies, IGB Srl has transformed its production of packaging and boxes into completely green products. Thanks to this change, IGB s.r.l. produce the child resistant and tamper evident packaging completely "Green" without the use of stickers and labels.

Plastic Regulations

There is no global regulation yet. The European Community is taking its first steps and new recycling requirements and targets now exist. An Hazardous Waste Program is on the website of the Environmental Protection Agency but there is currently no official regulation in the USA.

The Greta Effect

Greta Thumberg has offered a significant contribution in terms of raising awareness and is currently considered a true icon for green policies. The world is sensitive to the problem and the United Nations itself created a site on environmental protection.

It’s time to change, it’s time to do it now

Plastic is a real problem so a plastic-free packaging is a responsible choice that shows respect and attention towards the environment.
Helping to reduce global pollution is a duty. An eco-friendly packaging is a key component of this change process.

Your packaging mirrors your company

The packaging is the first presentation of the product and allows the buyer to immediately assess the Corporate Social Responsibility of the manufacturer. That's why we manufacture paper and cardboard, a natural and eco-friendly choice. Paper is biodegradable and recyclable, while abandoned plastic contributes to increasing the pollution levels of our planet.

The environmental friendliness of IGB's packaging is certified

IGB's packaging ensures maximum respect for the environment:

The FSC certification allows IGB to supply products made of paper materials that come from FSC certified forests, which respect both the best practices of wood production and the workers involved in them.

The ISO 14001 certification guarantees the adoption of a voluntary system for the continuous improvement of processes, in order to ensure environmental respect without affecting quality and customer satisfaction.