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Where igb packaging is used

Where can immediate action be taken?

Here are some areas where IGB’s packaging could bring a real improvement. The benefits are not only environmental but also in terms of safety for minors (Child Resistant) and product integrity (Tamper Evident):

Discover all the sectors in which IGB packaging can be used
  • Pharmaceutical packaging (Tamper Evident - Child Resistant)
    Many times it happens that childs don't distinguish between candies and drugs. Using child resistant boxes to package drugs, cannabis and other medical substances is of paramount importance. IGB S.r.l. produce custom child resistant packaging "completely green" without plastic labels, is ensured.
  • Beauty Care - Cosmetics (Tamper Evident - Child Resistant)
    Cosmetics can be a danger for small children and their value requires a unique guarantee of originality that IGB's packaging can offer without plastic wrapping.
  • Home care (Tamper Evident Plastic free - Child Resistant - Plastic Free)
    Home chemicals are a threat to children; IGB packaging protects them while avoiding the use of plastic.
  • Dietary supplements (Tamper Evident)
    A guarantee on the integrity of the product, without the use of plastic labels.
  • Food & Food delivery (Tamper Evident)
    To ensure the integrity even of take-away food, without the use of plastic trays or labels.
  • Tobacco and vaping (Child Resistant)
    A real danger to minors that IGB's plastic-free packaging protects.
  • Pet and Veterinary products (Tamper Evident - Child Resistant)
    As with medicines, it is necessary to protect children from poisoning and to guarantee original products.
  • Automotive (Tamper Evident)
    To guarantee the originality of spare parts without cellophane, or plastic seals.
  • DIY - lawn and garden products (Tamper Evident - Child Resistant)
    Fertilizers and poisons require the utmost care in protecting children.
  • Electronics and IT consumables and accessories (Tamper Evident)
    The certainty of originality without labels or plastic wrapping.
  • Toys (Tamper Evident)
    Toys sealed in a plastic-free packaging

Drugs, medical devices, perfumes, detergents, pasta, supplements, are just some of the products that often use plastic packaging or plastic protective layers such as labels and wrapping. This problem can be solved by adopting IGB’s plastic-free packaging.

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