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IGB offers a wide range of plastic-free packaging for a wide range of application fields like the cardboard boxes with a child resistant system integrated for laundry pods

Podlock Eco Child-Resistant Box

Household chemical products can be a threat to children; IGB packaging protects kids without using plastic parts.
Dishwasher and washing machine detergents in the shape of liquid, powder, pills, bars, capsules or pods are increasingly popular because they make homecare easier: dishwashing, washing clothes and doing the laundry. As they are often characterized by vibrant colours, they can attract little children and, as they are very concentrated, if ingested, they can cause poisoning, as highlighted, among the others, by the American Association of Poison Control Centres.
That’s why it is always recommended to store them out of children’s reach.
Packaging is a key prevention tool. In the USA, the 1970 PPPA - Poison Prevention Packaging Act – defines the requirements. In Europe, the requirements of the CIC - Superior Child Impeding Closures, regarding reclosable hazardous liquid laundry detergent capsules packaging, are defined by the A.I.S.E. - International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products.
Packaging on the market that provides children protections, usually employs a large quantity of plastic.
IGB packaging is very distinctive: it is Child Resistant and plastic-free at the same time; this helps prevent both accidents and plastic pollution:

  • It has a special design: little children are not able to open it.
  • It is made of a special cardboard: little children are not strong enough to break it.
  • Its distinctive design makes it appealing and supports marketing and communication strategies
  • It is certified as Child Resistant (children protection) and Senior Friendly (easy to open for the

The IGB Child Resistant Packaging is also Tamper Evident. Also the anti-tampering feature is plastic-free: no stickers are required.

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Tamper Evident Bottle Box
Child Resistant Folding Box

Spirits, wines and sparkling wines are considered high-value items: the combination of value, size and easy accessibility makes them attractive targets for shoplifting and counterfeiting.

A 2016 European Union survey shows that, in Europe alone, the combined annual sales of spirits and wine in the EU are worth approximately €38 billion annually and €1.3 billion (3.3%) are lost due to the presence of counterfeit products in the marketplace (source: EUIPO).

IGB Tamper-Evident packaging provides vital protection against shoplifting and counterfeiting, is made of plastic-free cardboard and suitable for standard packaging lines.

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